How AmeriTex Pipe & Products Became a Premier Supplier of Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Box Culverts

Posted on March 24, 2017

You often read about success stories in the news, but there is rarely a complete backstory that answers all the questions that you have. You get the beginning and the end, but there is often a gap that leaves you wondering just how the person or venture ended up finding success.

AmeriTex Pipe & Products is an example of a success story. The company was built from the ground up and has since become the premier supplier of reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts in Texas.

How did they get there? Well, let’s take a look…

Humble Beginnings & Industry Experience

Kevin Thompson, founder of AmeriTex Pipe & Products was “born and raised in the utility business,” which is how an opportunity for the business enterprise presented itself in the first place. The AmeriTex Pipe & Products founder had spent years in the underground utility business, working in operations and construction at several pipe manufacturing facilities. With unique industry knowledge to draw from, Thompson noted that there was an opportunity in certain Texas markets, due to their position for long-term growth.

Taking the First Step, and the Second…

With that knowledge, Thompson set out on his own and in March 2009, the first state-of-the-art facility opened in Seguin, Texas. The products offered by AmeriTex come in various configurations and sizes that meet unique project specifications on a case by case basis. Reinforced concrete pipes range from 12” through 168” diameters, with the option for both rubber gasket and tongue and groove joint options. Their high-quality concrete boxes also range in size from 3’ by 2 ‘, all the way up to 14’ by 14’. The first facility was so successful, growing every year, that Thompson took the next step and expanded operations by building a second facility in Conroe, Texas.

Control from Start to Finish

What really sets AmeriTex apart from the other companies is that they control everything from start to finish, which enables them to ensure the highest quality service and products. It starts with a professional, enthusiastic sales team that provides exemplary customer service and expertise. Beyond that, with local facilities, AmeriTex is able to ensure that their products meet the strictest quality measures. They are QCast and TxDOT certified, but also aim to exceed these standards regularly. The company also has its own distribution arm, Pipeline Trucking, Inc., which allows them to uphold their promise of quality products and service through responsive and timely delivery. With such a large span of control in every day operations, AmeriTex has been able to establish a reputation of provide exemplary service and quality products.

Homegrown American

Another factor leading to AmeriTex Pipe & Products success is that they are a homegrown American company. The business is American-owned and privately held. This enables the management team at AmeriTex to react quickly to changing markets or service issues that arise. Instead of dealing with a de-centralized company with locations and managers spread throughout the world, vendors and customers can actually have a direct line to Thompson, who now serves as the company’s President.

Continued Growth

Though AmeriTex Pipe & Products has risen through the ranks to become a high-quality, premier supplier for box culverts and reinforced concrete pipe, they are not stopping yet. Staying true to the reputation of quality that comes with the AmeriTex name, the company aims to continue growth, even getting into reinforced arch pipes as they continue to supply concrete products for storm drain installations. To learn more, or to begin a relationship with one of the premier independent supplies in the country, give AmeriTex a call at 830-372-2300 or visit