Precast Storm Sewer Structures

Meet the “Products” of AmeriTex Pipe & Products…AmeriTex produces a vast array of precast concrete storm structures that compliment our line of reinforced concrete pipe and box sections.  In addition to standard products ranging from 18”x18” catch basins, to 96”x96” storm manholes, we can produce practically any other size product typical to storm sewer applications.  Our only limit is the ability to safely lift the product onto a truck and deliver it to the job site.  Our storm structures are produced in accordance with the following specifications:

  • ASTM C913 – Standard Specification for Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater Structures
  • ASTM C890 – Minimum Structural Design Loading for Monolithic or Sectional Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater Structures
  • ASTM C478 – Standard Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole Sections