How Much Does Concrete Pipe Cost?

Posted on May 11, 2022

Concrete piping has been used for decades for various purposes. Including irrigation, stormwater drains, culverts, and sewage systems. However, a concrete pipe isn’t simply a concrete pipe. Surprisingly, they are a little more complex than that.  There are various classes, depending on their thickness and diameter as well as the load capacity and fill pressure – Read the full article →

Your Guide to Installing Concrete Pipe

Posted on May 11, 2022

When it comes to choosing the right material for your infrastructure, concrete pipe is a smart choice. Not only is it strong and durable, but it’s also relatively easy to install. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps necessary to install concrete pipe. So if you’re ready to get started on your project, – Read the full article →

What Are Standard Concrete Sewer Pipe Sizes?

Posted on May 4, 2022

If you’re planning a construction project that involves piping, you’ll need to understand the ins and outs of standard concrete sewer pipe sizes. To help you out, we’ve laid out the most common concrete pipe diameters, what they’re used for, and where you can buy them.  What Is Concrete Sewer Pipe Used For? Concrete sewer – Read the full article →

What Is the Life Expectancy of Concrete Sewer Pipe?

Posted on April 29, 2022

What is the life expectancy of concrete sewer pipes? People usually ask this question only when the sewers malfunction, but it’s a question that people should ask because utilities like sewer pipes are an unseen yet essential part of any metropolis or town. After all, it keeps things safe, clean and functioning.  Of all the – Read the full article →

How Much Does a Concrete Culvert Weigh?

Posted on April 21, 2022

If you’re wondering, “How much does a concrete culvert weigh?”, you probably already know that a concrete culvert is an essential drainage feature, especially in regions that experience heavy rainfall or during the rainy season. Otherwise, you may experience floods that can destroy properties and structures and disrupt daily operations. Concrete culverts come in different – Read the full article →

What Is Concrete Pipe Testing, and When Do You Need It?

Posted on April 21, 2022

Reinforced concrete pipe is a highly durable, effective, and sustainable choice for utility infrastructure projects. RCP, as it’s often called, is commonly used for storm drains, sewer systems, culverts, irrigation, and a variety of other applications, depending on the exact reinforced concrete pipe dimensions and features. It’s easy enough to get an answer to the – Read the full article →

Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipe Dimensions Explained

Posted on April 4, 2022

Water and sewerage systems are essential for good health and functionality in the community — so choosing the correct reinforced concrete arch pipe dimensions is critical.  For centuries, reinforced concrete has been the most common material used in the production of RCPs and culverts worldwide. A reinforced concrete pipe is hands down the longest-lasting pipe – Read the full article →

Reinforced Concrete Pipe Dimensions and Features

Posted on March 28, 2022

Reinforced concrete pipe dimensions affect the flow of sewer systems, irrigation systems, and storm water. Without the right reinforced concrete pipe dimensions, you may experience clogs, damaged pipes, or other difficulties. A concrete pipe sizes chart can help you explore your options as you prepare to repair or newly install reinforced concrete piping. At the – Read the full article →

What is reinforced concrete pipe?

Posted on March 22, 2022

Reinforced concrete pipe is a vital part of the utility infrastructure in cities, towns, and agricultural areas. A reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) offers distinct advantages and a range of uses compared with alternative products. What is reinforced concrete pipe? Find out what RCP pipe is made of, where it’s used, and why it’s so popular – Read the full article →

Chris Rowland Joins AmeriTex

Posted on April 15, 2021

We want to take a moment to formally announce that Chris Rowland will be joining the AmeriTex team! Chris will be joining us as the Director of Sales and Marketing for AmeriTex Pipe and Products, and we look forward to his knowledge and expertise in the industry. Known for his over 20 years of experience – Read the full article →