Reinforced Concrete Pipe

With a design life of up to 100 years and the majority of the structural strength built into the pipe, reinforced concrete pipe is the most commonly used drainage pipe material.  Round drainage pipe is the most readily available and cost efficient of the various shapes of reinforced concrete pipe.

Reinforced concrete pipe is designed and manufactured for use as storm drainage pipe, as culverts, and for jacking and tunneling applications.

Pipe joints can be manufactured as tongue and groove using pre-formed mastic strip sealants per ASTM C990, or as single offset joints utilizing a profile rubber gasket per ASTM C443.

AmeriTex Pipe & Products manufactures round reinforced concrete pipe in diameters from 12” to 144”. We adhere to strict quality control standards that allow us to meet or exceed all federal, state and local standards, as well as the following ASTM and AASHTO specifications:

  • ASTM C76/AASHTO M170 — Reinforced Concrete Culvert, Storm Drain and Sewer Pipe
  • ASTM C655 — Reinforced Concrete D-Load Culvert, Storm Drain and Sewer Pipe
  • ASTM C443/AASHTO M198 — Joints for Circular Concrete Sewer and Culvert Pipe Using Rubber Gaskets
  • ASTM C361 – Specification for Reinforced Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe