Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipe Dimensions Explained

Posted on April 4, 2022

Water and sewerage systems are essential for good health and functionality in the community — so choosing the correct reinforced concrete arch pipe dimensions is critical. 

For centuries, reinforced concrete has been the most common material used in the production of RCPs and culverts worldwide. A reinforced concrete pipe is hands down the longest-lasting pipe material in the world. RCP that is manufactured today will last a lifetime. The only requirement is that you use the correct dimension, ensuring that you have installed it correctly and fitted water-tight gaskets to prevent leakage. 

Let’s break down what reinforced concrete arch pipe is, when it’s used, and what the standard reinforced concrete arch pipe dimensions are.

What Is Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipe?

A reinforced concrete arch pipe is used if your project has minimum vertical clearance, space constraints, or insufficient depth necessary to utilize a circular pipe.

Depending on the concrete arch pipe dimensions and specifications, e.g., thickness and length, the product can last 100+ years. The reinforced concrete arch pipe offers exceptional strength and hydraulic efficiency. Its power and hydraulic efficiency make this product a superior alternative to metal arch or smaller pipes that are circular. 

Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipe Dimensions

The reinforced concrete arch pipe dimensions produced by Ameritex include ASTM C506/AASHTO M259 with ASTM C990 joint sealants. These arched pipes usually have tongue and groove end joints sealed using preformed flexible joints when manufactured.

We also provide fabricated designs that enable you to save time and increase safety. Our production sizes range from 18 inches to 36 inches. In addition, we can provide a variety of coatings and linings based on your preferences.

Contact your local Ameritex pipe & products representative for technical information on reinforced concrete arch pipe dimensions. 

What Is Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipe Used for?

  • Utility tunnels: Used to direct the flow of water and sewerage underground
  • Storm drains: Used in handling drainage in case of emergencies like floods
  • Highway culverts: Used to relieve drainage of ditches at the roadside
  • Irrigation: Used to handle large amounts of water (as an added benefit, they do not need to deal with uneven topography)
  • Highway bridges: Used to withstand heavy pressure as water flows beneath

Get Your Reinforced Concrete Arch Pipes

At AmeriTex Pipes & Products, we have dedicated professionals experienced in precast concrete solutions. Our reinforced concrete arch pipes are environmentally friendly and manufactured locally using natural products based on industrial standardized specifications.

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