Reinforced Concrete Pipe in Austin TX

Trust AmeriTex for the best quality reinforced concrete pipe in Austin TX

At AmeriTex Pipe & Products, we strive to provide exceptional products and service to all kinds of contractors in need of reinforced concreate pipe in Austin TX. We offer:

  • Reinforced concrete pipe in diameters from 12” to 144”
  • Precast bends, turns, elbows, “T”s, etc.
  • Pre-formed mastic strip sealants per ASTM C990
  • Single offset joints with profile rubber gaskets per ASTM C443
  • Compliance with AASHTO, TxDOT, city, county, and other specifications

In order to provide our clients with superior reinforced concrete pipe in Austin TX every time, we follow a rigorous 124-point inspection process covering the quality of our raw materials, equipment, product handling, and final delivery. We are extremely client-focused with a stellar sales team and a small, hands-on management team that can provide a quick response to any issue that may arise.

Now You May Wonder…

How Does Reinforced Concrete Pipe Compare to Plastic?

  • Longevity: Because plastic pipe simply hasn’t been around as long as reinforced concrete pipe in Austin TX, it is difficult to say for certain how long it will last. We know for a fact that reinforced concrete pipes have lasted 100 years.
  • Durability: Plastic is vulnerable to damage from high temperatures and fire, whereas concrete can withstand these stressors easily.
  • Cost: Although plastic pipe has a lower material cost than reinforced concrete pipe in Austin TX, it is more difficult to install. Requirements for select fill and special compaction add additional material costs and time costs to the project. A more accurate cost comparison can be found by running a least cost analysis on plastic vs concrete. For most applications, the costs of the two materials will be comparable.
  • Environmental Impact: Just because plastic pipe is recyclable does not mean it is eco-friendly. Concrete can be recycled too, and it is actually the more eco-friendly choice. It is made of inert materials which do not impact the environment, and because it lasts longer than plastic the environmental impact of replacement materials can be avoided.

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