Reinforced Arch Pipe in College Station TX

AmeriTex is your premier supplier of reinforced arch pipe in College Station TX

Although the average person doesn’t give them much thought, reinforced concrete pipes are actually essential for preserving groundwater quality and protecting structures from erosion and water damage. While round pipe may be the go-to solution, it doesn’t work for all projects. Fortunately, reinforced arch pipe in College Station TX can step up and fill the need.

Best Uses for Reinforced Arch Pipe in College Station TX

Reinforced arch pipe in College Station TX is ideal for applications where there is not a lot of clearance to install the pipe. One reinforced arch pipe can carry as much or even more water than two round pipes of the same height, making arch pipe a very cost-effective option.

Some of the most common applications for reinforced arch pipe include:

  • Storm drains
  • Highway culverts
  • Railroad culverts
  • Underground storm water retention structures
  • Replacement for open channels or ditches

Why Choose AmeriTex

Quality Product: At AmeriTex, we produce high quality reinforced arch pipe in College Station TX from 13.5” x 22” to 27” x 44” (18” to 36” round pipe equivalents) with single offset joints for rubber gaskets or tongue and groove joints for mastic or butyl gaskets. We are able to deliver a superior product every time thanks to our extreme attention to detail and stringent quality control, including a 124 point QCast certified inspection process. We comply with ASTM C506 and AASHTO M259 standards on our reinforced arch pipe.

Quality Service: We take pride in providing highly personalized service to every client. Our world-class sales team knows our products inside out and can make sure you get the exact pipe you need on time.

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