Why you shouldn’t take the role of precast concrete for granted

Posted on October 23, 2019

Our infrastructure and economy are built on the strength and durability of precast concrete.

Why you shouldn’t take the role of precast concrete for grantedIt’s easy to take clean water and smooth streets for granted as we rush through our busy days.

We depend on our roadways, water treatment and management systems, and solid waste systems. And all that infrastructure depends on precast concrete.

Concrete is the most durable and sustainable material available for the job. It is produced using raw materials that are abundant almost everywhere on earth, so it aligns with sustainable development and is suitable for LEED projects. Plus, it maintains structural integrity, so costs associated with repair and replacement are greatly reduced.

Not only is it vital to our infrastructure, precast concrete is a major force in our economy. Over 100,000 people in Texas are employed by our state’s concrete, aggregate, and cement industries along with companies that supply equipment and services to producers, according to the Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association.

Reinforced concrete pipe is a major factor of that growth. An independent analysis found that the reinforced concrete pipe industry alone generated 4,960 local jobs and paid $341 million in wages and benefits in 2018. The study also found that the industry generated $617 million in state GDP creation.

The industry continues to advance with improved methodologies and new technology, like advanced stress tests, ad hoc mixes by specification and compressive strength test machines that increase efficiency and maximize durability.

At AmeriTex, we’re revolutionizing the way concrete pipe is made. Since we control every aspect of production from start to finish, we can deliver the highest-quality products. As an independent supplier, we have the flexibility and capacity to serve any need, from small residential developments to massive highway projects.

Strength, durability, and a history of performance make our reinforced concrete pipe your best choice for storm drainage, culverts, and jacking and tunneling applications. Our precast concrete products will not burn, corrode prematurely, deflect or move off grade to reduce hydraulic performance, or collapse under loads designed into the pipe structure.

No wonder it’s the most specified and widely used drainage pipe material!

I’m grateful that our team’s hard work pays off for our customers’ projects and society at large. And I’ll never take that for granted.

Focused on your success,


Rocky Lorenz is Chief Operating Officer at AmeriTex Pipe & Products. With over 13 years of industry experience, his technical and logistical knowledge has helped him earn a reputation for completing projects ahead of schedule and under budget.