How Much Does Concrete Pipe Cost?

Posted on May 11, 2022

Concrete piping has been used for decades for various purposes. Including irrigation, stormwater drains, culverts, and sewage systems. However, a concrete pipe isn’t simply a concrete pipe. Surprisingly, they are a little more complex than that. 

There are various classes, depending on their thickness and diameter as well as the load capacity and fill pressure they are constructed to withstand. Whatever class of concrete pipe you purchase, though, they are all designed to withstand high pressure, provide strength, and be a long-term solution to a problem. 

Requiring little to no maintenance and relatively cheap to manufacture, it is no surprise how common concrete pipes have become across so many industries. In this post, we’re going to check out exactly how much concrete piping costs.

What Is Reinforced Concrete Pipe? 

Essentially, reinforced concrete pipes are super strong, long-lasting, low-maintenance pipes that are designed for roads, sewage systems, and other sites. They are extremely sturdy and used to control water or the flow of liquids in a controlled leak-proof environment. 

Average Concrete Pipe Prices 

Prices can vary greatly depending on your location and time of ordering. However, as a guide, use the following for reinforced concrete pipe. Regarding the different classes of concrete pipes, the higher the class, the stronger the pipe is due to its thickness. 

Prices displayed are pulled from the internet and are priced per linear foot. 

Class 2 concrete pipes, measured in inches: 

  • 12” = $990
  • 18” = $1410
  • 24” = $1970
  • 30” = $2310
  • 36” = $2820
  • 42” = $3750
  • 48” = $4920
  • 54”  = $5640
  • 60” = $6890

Class 4 concrete pipes measured in inches: 

  • 12” = $920
  • 18” = $1570
  • 24” = $2250
  • 30” = $3990
  • 36” = $5350
  • 42” = $6330
  • 48” = $7750 
  • 54” = $8640 
  • 60” = $9140 

These prices should act as a guide and the exact price you pay will depend entirely on where you get your pipe and its class. It’s also worth noting how much a concrete pipe weighs for each size, should you need to organize transportation from the supplier to the project site. 

Where Can You Buy Concrete Pipe? 

There are many places you can purchase a concrete pipe, but where you go will entirely depend on the project you’re working on and how much piping you need. For a simple road culvert project for example, perhaps 3-4 12Ft pipes would do the job? 

You should be able to order concrete piping from your local hardware store, although they might not stock your desired amount. On the other hand, you can search for the best reinforced concrete pipe suppliers in your area and purchase them directly from them.  

Need more information on concrete pipe prices? 

Concrete pipes come in various classes and are each built to withstand different pressures expressed via D-Load capacity. To work out exactly which class of pipe and the dimensions you need for your project, use a fill height table. 

The cost of concrete pipes can vary greatly depending on where you buy them and which class you purchase them from. If you need help estimating concrete pipe prices for an upcoming project, reach out to the Ameritex team. We’d love to help.