Beaumont TX

Located on the Neches River in southeast Texas, the city of Beaumont TX started out as a rice-producing community. The first commercial rice mill in the state opened here in 1892. But soon, the region was producing a much more valuable commodity: oil. In the 1900s, several oil companies sprang up around Beaumont TX, and eventually the area branched into refining and today it is one of the major petro-chemical refining centers in the US. The area around Beaumont TX is rich in natural beauty with many Preserves and State Parks to enjoy. If you are in need of reinforced concrete pipe for a project in Beaumont TX,AmeriTex can help. We manufacture all different sizes of round pipe, arch pipe, and concrete box at our state of the art facilities in Conroe and Seguin TX, which positions us to supply projects throughout East Texas, Central Texas, and the Gulf Coast. We are QCast certified and TxDOT self-certified to guarantee the quality of our products and processes.