Houston TX

Houston TX has grown tremendously since it was first founded in 1836. Known at that time as Allen’s Landing, the settlement proved ideally situated for trade and soon had a thriving port and railroad yard. While shipping continues to be important to Houston TX’s economy, the city also has notable oil & gas, manufacturing, aeronautics, and health care sectors. As appropriate for a city of its size and status, Houston TX has a thriving arts scene with a world-class orchestra and permanent opera, ballet, and theater companies. If you are in need of reinforced concrete pipe for a project in Houston TX,AmeriTex can help. We manufacture all different sizes of round pipe, arch pipe, and concrete box at our state of the art facilities in Conroe and Seguin TX, which positions us to supply projects throughout East Texas, Central Texas, and the Gulf Coast. We are QCast certified and TxDOT self-certified to guarantee the quality of our products and processes.