Laredo TX

Located just across the Rio Grande from Nuevo Laredo Mexico, Laredo TX is an important center for international trade with Mexico. Laredo TX is the largest inland port on the Mexico-US border with 4 bridges for trucks and one railroad bridge. Laredo TX hosts many notable events each year, including the month-long Washington’s Birthday Celebration, which has been going since 1898 and includes the Jalapeno Festival, the Stockmen’s Ball, Border Beer Fest, and two major parades. If you are in need of reinforced concrete pipe for a project in Laredo TX,AmeriTex can help. We manufacture all different sizes of round pipe, arch pipe, and concrete box at our state of the art facilities in Conroe and Seguin TX, which positions us to supply projects throughout East Texas, Central Texas, and the Gulf Coast. We are QCast certified and TxDOT self-certified to guarantee the quality of our products and processes.